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Work-Related Accidents

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Work-related Accidents

Severe workplace injuries and accidents can occur in almost any industry but are particularly common in manufacturing, construction, and hospitality. Irrespective of the kind of work you carry out, you might sustain a severe injury or develop a condition, for instance, repetitive stress injury.

If your injury is serious, it could affect every facet of your life adversely. Besides jeopardizing your medical health, a work-related injury could cause financial stress on your family. Here’s what you need to do after sustaining a work-related injury.

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Measures to Take After Sustaining a Work-related Injury

After sustaining a workplace injury, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost wages and medical costs. However, you might not know what to do particularly when you’re ill and concerned about recovery.  Here’s a list of steps you should take:

  • Inform your employer about the injury

You must do this as soon as possible following the accident. You’re supposed to inform your manager or supervisor within 30 days of the incident or from the initial indications of an occupational illness. If you don’t do this, you might be ineligible for benefits.

  • Fill out an injury report

Employers are responsible for making available injury reports to employees. When you’ve sustained an injury, insist on filling the report and obtain a copy for yourself even if the employer claims it’s unnecessary.

  • Obtain Medical Care

You need immediate medical attention for the injuries regardless of how minor you might think they are. Make sure you obtain appropriate medical care and the records can come in handy in case disputes arise with the employer’s insurer about whether the injuries were work-related.

  • Claim Filing

You must submit the workers’ compensation claim benefits as soon as possible after the accident. Claim filing must also occur within 2 years of the illness or injury to meet eligibility for workers’ comp benefits.

  • Hire an Attorney

A skilled workers’ comp attorney from Oliveira Lawyers can take you through the intricacies of claim filing and ensure you obtain the entitled benefits. Retaining legal counsel can help protect your rights.

Workers’ Compensation

This insurance program offers income benefits and paid health care to employees who develop occupational illnesses and injuries. The program also offers financial compensation to the dependents and spouse of somebone who experiences fatal injuries because of a work-related incident.

At Oliveira Lawyers, we assist those who’ve sustained work-related injuries to obtain compensation benefits.

Eligibility Prerequisites

Work compensation laws differ across states. Nevertheless, you must meet certain requirements to qualify for those benefits.

Ø Your manager carries workers’ compensation policy. Requirements differ depending on the employee number, kind of business, and the nature of work.

Ø You sustained an injury while performing your work-related duties. This isn’t always simple. Injuries that take place offsite but still related to the place of work fall into a gray area

Ø You’re an employee. Workers cover part and full-time employees, temporary, and seasonal employees, excluding volunteers and independent contractors. Farm laborers, domestic workers, or undocumented employees might not be eligible.

Which Benefits Am I Entitled To?

The program covers all medical costs essential for treating and diagnosing all workplace illness or injury, including prescriptions, doctor appointments, and medical equipment. Workers can also secure rehabilitation benefits if they cannot return to their workplace.

These benefits compensate workers for lost income while off work. The benefit is usually 2/3 of a worker’s weekly wage. The kinds of disability benefits include:

Temporary Total Disability

Employees obtain this benefit while off work for a restricted period.

Permanent Total Disability

Employees obtain these benefits if they sustain permanent disability and can’t return to work. An employee might also qualify to obtain Social Security disability compensation.

Death Benefits

Families should obtain the benefits when a worker dies on the job as compensation for the loss of economic support.

Permanent Partial Disability

Workers receive these benefits if the partial or complete body loss or body part affects their capacity to work.

Temporary Partial Disability

Employees obtain these benefits if they can still perform light tasks until they can return to work at a similar employment level

Why You Should Hire an Attorney after Sustaining a Workplace Injury

If you want to obtain a suitable compensation for sustained workplace injuries, you’ll need to retain a lawyer for these reasons:

Rights Protection

A personal injury attorney will act as your advocate while you negotiate with insurers and your employer. Throughout the negotiations, employers will probably try to deny any liability while the insurer will try to issue as little compensation as possible to guard their profit margins.

Fortunately, an experienced lawyer from Oliveira Lawyers will represent your interests to secure the best possible deal.

Attorneys are Experienced and Knowledgeable

Injury lawyers have specialized experience in injury cases and handling those similar to yours. They’re conversant with the law and have ways to build a strong case. They equally know what procedures to follow and legal matters, for instance, the statute of limitations. With their professional help, you can be certain you won’t miss out on the entitled compensation because of paperwork errors or any technicality.


If you or a loved one is a victim of work-related injuries, you need to hire an experienced lawyer who’ll guide you throughout the process until you obtain the deserving compensation. Contact us today for a consultation.