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Brazilian Personal Injury Lawyer

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Brazilian Personal Injury Lawyer

Portuguese and English Spoken

If you’re like most people, factors such as expertise and experience probably rank highly while searching for a lawyer. While these factors are important, communication is equally important. It’s important you choose a lawyer who speaks and understands your native language. The last thing you’ll want to encounter is significant legal negotiations with somebody who doesn’t comprehend your native language.

It’s no wonder numerous foreign naturals hire attorneys that speak their language to ensure they understand what’s occurring. If you’re a Brazilian living in the U.S., you’ll be glad to know that we have your legal needs covered.

There’s no need to worry about a language barrier if you’re an accident victim. At Oliveira Lawyers, our team understands the unique needs of Brazilian clients seeking legal counsel since our Brazilian attorneys understand your legal needs. Here’s what you should know about hiring a Brazilian personal injury lawyer.

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Why You Need a Brazilian Personal Injury Lawyer

Witness Testimony

This is significant in any personal injury case. Be aware that witnesses could make a huge difference in your case’s outcome. If your main witness doesn’t speak English, you might contemplate hiring a translator.

However, this option has some downsides such as the cost. Every professional or expert you introduce to your case comes at a price. If you have a bilingual attorney from Oliveira Lawyers, you don’t have to incur that additional cost.

For some reason, the case witness might feel uncomfortable talking to a lawyer or in front of a jury. On the other hand, if the lawyer speaks a similar language as the witness, they might help the client feel more comfortable.

Cultural Awareness

Being bilingual isn’t merely about recognizing another language. It’s about respecting and understanding another culture. Every culture has its traditions and beliefs. With any means of communication, it’s crucial to comprehend someone’s cultural beliefs. Remember, different beliefs could make a huge difference when it comes to custody matters, estate planning, and immigration laws.

Lawyer-client Communication

Perhaps you’re seeking a lawyer for a loved one who does not speak English. Communication and trust are very essential in any kind of legal issue. Whether you’re filing a personal injury claim or planning an estate, you want to be certain that your lawyer has your best interests at heart.

At our law firm, our objective is to make you comfortable. Therefore, we match clients with the lawyer who’ll serve your communication needs best.

Peace of Mind

We understand how hard it can be to sort legalities with those who don’t understand your language. This can frequently discourage people trying to attain an agreement they’re pleased with because they feel it’s easier to make this process as brief as possible. This could have severe complications if you haven’t understood the agreements you’ve reached with the opposite party. With our bilingual lawyers, we assure you that you’ll leave the dialogues feeling confident instead of confused.

Complex Legal Language

Legal language is frequently confusing and complex. In this case, you’re better off hiring a lawyer who’ll comprehend legalese and explain it to you better than a translator who might not recognize the usage of legal terms or how to interpret them correctly.

Moreover, direct translations might not exist for all the legal terms your lawyer will use; this increases the complexity for a translator.


Money is an obstruction to translation. The charges for an interpreter or in-person translator could reach $145 hourly. Add this to the attorney and legal fees you’re already facing and you’ll discover it can be a heavy burden. Locating a Brazilian lawyer who speaks both Portuguese and English is the only way of avoiding the extra cost.

Translation Loss

In daily conversations, somebody else could easily misunderstand the things we say even when speaking a similar language. This common issue is evident even in small talk. When such misunderstandings arise, it can lead to destroyed relationships as well as ensuing problems.

When significant legal matters are the core of discussion, the stakes are higher and the outcomes can be dire. One way of decreasing this risk is by retaining an attorney who speaks Portuguese and English.

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We Speak your Language

At our law firm, we’re dedicated to giving clients the best opportunity to achieve the desired outcome. This implies that we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the process occurs efficiently, so you can achieve the ideal solution in the fastest time possible.

We recognize that you don’t want to spend considerable effort and time in legal procedures. That’s why you can rely on us to do the hard work and communicate in Portuguese on your behalf to put your point across clearly. Therefore, if you’re seeking a lawyer who’s fluent in your native language, we would love to serve you and address your legal needs.


If you’re seeking a reliable Brazilian personal injury lawyer, you can count on us to represent you legally in the most efficient manner, contact us today for a consultation.